Sign Our Petition to the RNC: Support Marriage Equality

We are collecting the signatures of 20,000 conservatives urging the Republican National Committee to support the right of gay Americans to legally marry.  Please add your voice to the petition and share with your friends:

Conservatives for Marriage Equality

Dear Republican National Committee,

As a conservative Republican who believes in limited government, free markets, and personal responsibility, I urge you to support the right of gay Americans to legally marry. Allowing gay couples to legally marry will promote family values such as commitment, stability, and responsibility. Granting the option of legal marriage to gay couples represents an expansion of freedom of choice, which is as conservative a principle as any. Allowing gay couples to legally marry does nothing to harm the marriages or family values of straight couples. Getting ahead of this common-sense issue will allow millions of moderate voters and new young voters to listen to our party's much needed governing message.

Please do the right thing for our gay friends, family, and neighbors, and the right thing for the future of our party. Stand up for equality.

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2 thoughts on “Sign Our Petition to the RNC: Support Marriage Equality

  1. Government should also stop all social engineering experiments in terms of marriage. Stop preferential treatment of married couples, stop preferential treatment for women in child custody cases.

  2. While I believe the state does in fact have a right to regulate whom they give the benefits of marriage to, there is simply rational reason to exclude a state recognized union between two people. Be it the same sex or the opposite. The state does not feel love or believe in religion and as such should allow any two people to join in a union with ease.

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